Packing Video

This is about the third video that I made trying to get one short enough to upload. I forgot to mention the rocket notebook that I have in the side pockets along with some tissues. The white thing at the front of the table is the packing tube that I’m using to put my hiking poles in to check for the flight over. I have a waistband on that has room for my iPhone, passport, and wallet.

3 thoughts on “Packing Video

  1. Bravo! What a great video. Where did you get the waterproof bags? I need some of those. Bon voyage, Sheryl. I’m excited to follow your progress.


  2. Oh Sheryl!!! What a great video! You have it well thought out.

    I cannot WAIT to follow along with you! I cannot WAIT to hear about what you learn. You are my hero. Xoxo Monica

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