Did not lose my wallet

First travel day was perfect! My son drove me to Mpls last night and I had a great night and a lovely continental breakfast this morning and a fun conversation with the shuttle driver. He asked me where I was going and I told him I was going to walk across northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago and he replied ” I didn’t see that coming”! Anyway we had a lovely conversation about Travel… He had an uncle that used to work for an airline so he traveled quite a bit and he was very interested in my adventure. My flight to Atlanta was pleasantly uneventful.

Prior to my trip I had a dream that I lost my wallet. In the dream I lost it because I did not put everything in the waistband that I have that has pockets to hold a variety of things. I decided from that dream that I need to make sure to keep everything in that waistband! At the gate in Atlanta I was getting some snacks out of my bag and I checked just to make sure I had everything and realized that little wallet that I had my credit cards in was missing! It had to either be on the plane or in the restroom or in the waiting area where I was at. I looked around me and then went back to the restroom to check the stall I was in… it wasn’t there and when I asked the young woman she gave me a “you really expect it to still be here look!!”. I went back and told the employees at my gate and they said to talk to customer service. I went back to that area and the helpful Delta employee called the gate and ask them to check out the plane.… Nothing. I knew I had to board soon so I went back to my gate called my daughter to tell her what I had done! She and I were talking about options and I told her I would email her copies of my cards. I was about to board the plane for Barcelona I didn’t know if I have time to call the banks. Immediately when I hung up an employee motioned me over and said that someone had turned in my wallet! She said she wanted to have me paged but her supervisor told her to wait until I came back. Anyway, can you believe it? Can you believe my carelessness apparently dropping the wallet as I took out my passport and the kindness of a stranger to turn it in!!! People are so kind!!

I’m going to Barcelona as I am writing this. Nice thing about the long overnight flights is that they come by frequently with snacks or water or our meals. Between that and options to watch movies the time goes pretty fast. I was originally booked into a middle seat, and with the confusion about my wallet I didn’t even try to change it, but there was no one in the third seat so I moved over and the young Spanish woman knitting and I now have a seat between us.

When I land in Barcelona it will be 8 AM local time. I will have a few hours before I take the train to Pamplona.

This was kind of an uneventful blog but sometimes uneventful is pretty awesome! Plus, I just landed in Barcelona!

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